DocTronics Canada - Repair Centre

img   DocTronics Canada is a musical instrument
  repair centre that is based in southern
  Ontario, Canada, but we get repairs
  shipped to us from all over the world !
  Checkout our "Repairs" page to see what we fix !

About Us

  We specialize in repairs to keyboards, synths, digital pianos, guitar
amps, guitars, pro audio equipment, organs and more.

  If you would like to ship a repair to us, please go to the "Repairs"
page for details.

 DocTronics Canada has been providing professional repairs in the
music industry since 1995 and is proud to offer only top quality

 We deal mainly with PRO musicians, but also deal with music
schools, amateur musicians, musical instrument retailers,
musical instrument distributors, musical instrument manufacturers,
religious organizations, recording studios and the general public.

Thank you for visiting DocTronics Canada.

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